Wes, Adrienne and Evie Walls

Our Journey to Seattle (The short version!):

“You need to start something new.” Those were the words from a pastor friend of ours in August of 2012. His words stirred up in us both a sense of excitement and fear of the unknown. My (Wes) first response to him was to say “No, that isn’t me.”

Not being able to let go of our friend’s words, Adrienne and I began to ask the question, “Well, why not?” We knew that the only real reason we wouldn’t was fear that our Father would not come through. Fear is not a good enough reason to not open ourselves up to a new adventure of faith.

Together we began searching God’s word, searching our own hearts and asking for wise counsel in order to see what the Lord had for us. Based on texts like Acts 13:1-3, we were confident that we wanted the Spirit to send us out on mission as the church and with the church.

For our family, Living in Seattle is an expression of worship and of an ever deepening desire to learn to trust our Father.  Our heart’s desire is simply to love Jesus and act on that love in faith. The practical expression of that longing is to “start something new” in urban Seattle.