Will you be part of my (Wes’) sermon preparation for this week? I need a sounding board to remind myself of what we talked about 2 weeks ago so I can see where we go next with our text.

But, because I haven’t written in a while, you probably don’t know what the text is.

It is Micah 6:8. And we are spending 4 weeks on it. Yep, its one verse. But it is so worth it.

So, I’m going to go with you are willing to read along. 

The title of our message was “The Root of Justice: The Just Do Justice.” The first part is our series. The second part is the part unique to this sermon. I have to remind myself of this part too.

We focued on the very simple command “do justice.” The command is short but the meaning is profound. What is “justice?” How do we do it? With every person one could ask (and I have asked a few) we will get a different definition of what “justice” is. Then, if we are not careful, we could subtly communicate that this command is merely about action alone, and not the heart behind it.

To deal with these questions we also look at Luke 10 and the story of the Samaritan who stopped to serve a wounded man, left for dead. Stop and read it. Here is a link: click here. It starts in verse 25.

But, here is the point: the gospel of Jesus is the root of all true and full justice. Let me say it again because I need to grab hold of it: the gospel of Jesus is the root of all true and full justice. That may be the most offensive thing I said all week, but I say it, not only because it is true, but because it is necessary and good.

Hold on to that. It brings hope when looking at the reality of injustice. More to come soon…