Notes from our Sunday Night Gathering: March 11, 2018

From Genesis 12:1-4 and 15:1-6 (click for reference)

Abram's Journey is Our Journey

I. Faith Compels to Risk and Relinquish

Our God took the initiative because he wants to show his grace to the world

How Could God call Abram to leave everything to live in tents in a strange land?

He calls us to a new object to treasure (he was emptied)

He wants us to see that he is going with us…not just sending away

An invitation to trust

II. Faith Compels Us to Walk While We Wait

We aren't given a road map, but the Lord does go with us to whisper "Come with me this way"

Abraham's Question is Often Ours: "How Long O Lord?!"

We live in a "fast food" world where people think "faster" is "better"

Everything that matters takes time to create

The Lord will brings us to the end of ourselves…so that we might be astounded by what he does!

Our God is remaking us as we walk and wait (weaning us from our expectations and selfishness)

III. Faith Compels Us to the One Who Wins Our Trust

This is not about our ability to believe, but belief in God's ability to come thorugh

The only faith is an imperfect faith

The Source of Our Faith: Jesus gives it though experience

There are no short cuts

What he has done shows what he will do

Jesus had faith first...and experienced the Father's faithfulness the most

Daily fellowship with the Father created his faith for the future

Jesus' faith was ultimately expressed in willingly going to the cross

Giving up his spirit (Luke 23:46)

Question to Consider

What would you do differently if what God said about himself was true?